Our Story


Burrow’s beginning was inspired by our community.

We were raised here. We grew up here. We returned, bought our first house and were excited to start our family together in Peterborough.

Burrow aims to cultivate community and help bring inspiration into people’s homes through meaningful pieces that reflect their individual style. When we decided to open our doors, I thought about my home and the home my husband Matt and I were working to build. Home for me is a place of retreat, of shelter or refuge, a dwelling to call our own that encourages us to be our best selves. That’s how Burrow came to be – along with the fact that our first Peterborough location was quite literally burrowed underground in a cozy little shop off of Hunter Street.

Today, when you open our doors, you’re likely to find me trying to stock shelves and chat with customers as I chase after my daughter Quinn who is about to take her first steps. There’s also a strong possibility that you’ll meet my other two children, Smith and Bryce, playing 'shop keeper' and sharing their adventures from school while climbing on the ladder to rearrange all our merchandise. It's a true family business, as Matt helps with deliveries, extra heavy lifting and whatever jobs I have for him. My family brings so much joy to my day and the kids are learning about the value of hard-work and the importance of a strong community from the conversations and experiences they share with me at Burrow.

I can’t thank you all enough for getting me here!

- xo Meg

Photo: TJ Tindale